Google Docs Book

“Who Knew Writing Could Be This Fun?”

GGIS is proud to introduce one of the most fun and collaborative ways to write a book. “Google Docs Book – Author Share allows multiple authors to co-write and co-edit a literary work. If you are a new writer that wants to write but doesn’t know where to get started or if you are an experienced writer that wants to work with others, “Google Docs Book – Author Share is the way to go.

Google Doc Book is not only a fun way to write – its a way to make money off of your book. All approved books written under “Google Docs Book – Author Share will be published by GGIS Publishing and Media. Authors will then take part in Profit Sharing as royalties of the book is split between the authors. GGIS Publishing will format your Google Doc Book into Print and E-Book Format and will be sold on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, I-Tunes, and the GGIS Publishing website.

Current Google Doc Books Topics to Be Written:

How to Counter Teen Bullying

Sexual Abuse in the Church

The Art of Marketing and Promotion


Understanding Israel, Gaza, and the Middle East


The Problem of Suffering

And More…

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